Monday, October 8, 2007

The Diving Bell and the Butterfly

I think that this memoir was an extremely well written book that deserved all of the credit it got. I find it amazing that this man who can only move his left eye was able to dictate an entire book. You can tell that he is a very bright well spoken person. Just by the way he explains things. One flaw to the book was that sometimes he went of on tangents and you became lost in the long descriptions. I personally think that this book should have won an award for something(I don't know any of the awards.) This book is definitely something I would read again. The only problem with reading it is because one of my greatest fears(not that I should put this on for anyone to see) is becoming paralyzed. Also my step-brother has ASL and this is what will happen to him eventually so it made me tear up a little thinking about how he will end up. To some it up I personally find this to be an amazing book and I give it two thumbs up and much praise.

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