Monday, November 19, 2007

Post BA

Even at a young age Hitchens saw flaws in religion(s). He says if Jesus was able to cure a single blind man why not cure blindness completely? Why, do you have to publicly say that he was a miserable sinner? And why is the way of creating life(sex) so taboo and wrong? In his later years he still questions faith in a higher power because of the many wonders of the world that couldn't be created by a god. And again why would something(The Catholic church) that so condemns sex have some of its more powerful leaders involved in child rape? He wonders why people aren't more interested in the surroundings and nature and the the cosmos yet to be explained but instead feel how unworthy they are of something so "Powerful". Hitchens asks why we aren't learing more about the teachings of life's sciences and mystery from people like Steven Hawkin and literatures of life's meaning from Shakespeare, Tolstoy, Schiller and Dostoevsky. While reading this I had a profound thought of my own. Why, if we were created in the image of god why aren't we worthy of him?


Allison said...


Allison said...

dang diddly that is the shizznizz. jesus was a cunt. and deserved worse than what he got. suicide is a sin isnt it and i mean he asked them to kill him so isnt that suicide...irony hmmm.